Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Few Things

haha. sorry it's hard to get the pictures right where i want them :P

1) The home made deoderant is GREAT.
2) Here is the apple pie I made. The recipe I used said if it's your first time making it, to make double the crust dough to make sure you have enough, but I didn't listen :/ but it still tasted great. The recipe I used is here.
3) Stephen and I have been drawing together for a little while now. We don't really have much "natural" drawing talent, so Stephen made a sort of levels-system. The first level is to do 100 freehand copies. We
basically just look up stuff with google images, and attempt to draw them. Here are some of my favorites.
1. is the buster sword from final fantasy or something :P
2. is a character from Naruto named Jaraiya.
. is
obviously :P
4. was a normal cityscape, but I got bored with it :D
5. of
course there had to be an elephant somewhere
6. i thought it was weird that the tooth had teeth
7. chiyo-chan from azumanga daioh

8. baby rhino lol

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

home made deoderant

finally got some coconut oil! we looked all over, finally found it at publix on the health food aisle. :) i'm about to make it and try it out!

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